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Advantages of air cargo

Date:2018-10-10 15:29:26

Air freight is a fast and modern mode of transportation. It has the characteristics of fast speed, exceeding geographical restrictions and high freight rate. It also has the direction of transportation (different round-trip traffic) and wide range of objects (multiple types of goods). The characteristics of sales concentration (relative concentration and stability of the goods market). With the development of modern technology, the investment of high-performance, large-capacity, low-fuel consumption new aircraft and people's new demands for time and space, the air cargo market will continue to expand and prosper.

1. Advantages of air cargo

Compared with other modes of transportation, the high freight rate of air cargo is its disadvantage, and its speed is its advantage. Air cargo can only show its advantages if the advantage of time exceeds the price disadvantage. The goods mainly include: 1 urgent goods: such goods are not available locally or have tight Time required, such as first-aid medicines, emergency spare parts for valuable equipment, etc. This kind of goods is often an unplanned dispatch. In the eyes of the users, the freight rate is very small compared to his target interests. At present, most of these goods are transported by air. 2 Goods that should not be stored for a long time: This kind of goods also has time limit, but it is not as strict as the restrictions of the first type of goods. There are two types: one is perishable goods, such as flowers, fruits and seafood products. If the transportation time is too long, the loss of such goods will far exceed its freight rate. The second category is goods with a short life cycle on the market, the most notable examples being fashion accessories. Their popularity in the market is very short. Once the epidemic period is exceeded, the prices of these products will plummet, so the freight rate is not an important part of this commodity, and time is the most important. With the increase in per capita income, the market for this part of the goods has expanded rapidly, resulting in a significant increase in the volume of air cargo. 3 Express parcel: This is a development of postal goods. With the development of telecommunications, postal letters have shown a downward trend, but the telecommunications industry can only replace letters and cannot complete the delivery of urgent documents or small urgent goods. Therefore, the express industry that emerged after 1970 has developed rapidly. It has implemented door-to-door services by connecting air and ground transmission. The items to be transported include letters, documents, small electronic devices (floppy disks, accessories, etc.) and emergency use. In terms of goods, etc., transportation in this area has made tremendous progress in the past two or three decades.

2. Air cargo and passenger transport

1) The types of goods handled by air cargo are diverse, and the size, price and weight vary greatly, so the freight rate is complicated.

2) Cargo transportation requires packing, loading, unloading, storage, etc. It requires more facilities, venues and flight attendant professional services. Passengers are active when transporting passengers, and there are relatively few venues and flight attendants.

3) The transportation of goods generally involves multiple parties such as shippers, consignees, transportation companies, air carriers, warehouses, customs, etc., and passenger transportation is usually only involving both passengers and airlines.

4) Freight is only required to arrive by time, there is no requirement for the transportation route, so the airline can flexibly arrange flights and routes within the time limit to improve the flight rate, and passenger transportation cannot change the flight and transportation route in principle.

5) The unidirectionality of air cargo is very strong. For example, the transportation of raw materials can only be sent from one place to another in the processing area. The source of the return is sometimes an unsolvable problem, and passenger transportation is generally two-way.

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