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How to understand the international freight forwarding?

Date:2018-10-10 15:31:59

The sea freight forwarding agency has developed with the formation of maritime trade, the gradual expansion of the international trade and transportation field, and the increasingly division of social division of labor. The wide range of cargo transportation services and the clues of the sea cargo make it difficult for any carrier (ship company) or shipper to personally handle the specific business of each link in the transportation business. Many jobs need to be handled by an agent. Although some remuneration is spent, compensation can be obtained from the services provided by the agent.

Those who are engaged in the international freight forwarding business are those who have been engaged in the transportation business for many years, are proficient in business, have rich experience, and are familiar with various transportation procedures, procedures and rules and regulations. They have extensive contacts and close relations with the transportation department and trade, banking, insurance, customs, commodity inspection and other departments, so that they have favorable conditions for the principal to handle various transportation matters, even more beneficial than the client himself. . The shipping freight forwarder can also collect the small-ticket goods from different cargo owners and book them with the liner company to obtain preferential tariffs. Container transportation can assemble small ticket goods of different shippers of the same loading and unloading port and enjoy the box rate. In fact, not only the cargo owner is willing to entrust to the freight forwarder, but the shipping company is also willing to pay commissions to the freight forwarder in order to obtain a stable source of supply.

How to understand the international freight forwarding?

The role of freight forwarders is this: “Freight forwarding has a lot of expertise, so it can organize goods in the safest, fastest and most economical way; freight forwarders have established customer networks and their own branches in trade centers around the world. Institutions, so that it can control the entire transportation of goods; freight forwarders are consultants of industry and trade enterprises, it can provide advice on freight, packaging, documents, customs clearance, consular requirements, finance, etc.; freight forwarders can be foreign markets and abroad Suggestions on the possibility of market sales; freight forwarders can concentrate small batches of goods into groups of goods, so customers can benefit from this special service; freight forwarders not only organize and coordinate transportation, but also affect new modes of transportation. Creation, development of new transportation routes and development of new rates..., 'Now, international shipping and freight forwarding has become a worldwide industry, which has penetrated into every corner of the transportation field and become an indispensable part of the international trade and transportation industry. Component. In the case of fierce competition in international trade, its role is increasingly clear .

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