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Issues to be aware of in import and export contracts

Date:2018-10-11 9:58:55

For international trade, each country has their own laws. Therefore, if trade between countries is to understand the legal differences between countries, then the international freight forwarding agents are familiar with this aspect. In the process, it is necessary to implement the contract according to the contract. Today, I will introduce to you what should be paid attention to in the import and export contract?

Issues to be aware of in import and export contracts

First: the foreign language involved in the contract text

English is an international language. Therefore, when we sign contracts with foreign customers, we must also prepare them in both Chinese and English. If necessary, we can ask professional translators to complete the foreign trade contract, and the words and grammar cannot be used. In the case of ambiguity, the relevant disputes can be avoided for subsequent cooperation. Trustworthy international freight forwarders suggest that the Chinese version shall prevail in the contract if the customer agrees, and the foreign version is supplemented.

Second: the issue of attention to offshore companies

Many trading companies now belong to offshore companies. International freight forwarders say that because offshore companies are registered quickly and cost-effectively, offshore companies are legally independent, although they have no assets but actually It is responsible, so be sure to investigate the business information of the other party when signing the contract so that you can know whether they can fulfill their obligations.

Third: the problem of special products

The international freight forwarder said that the relevant laws and regulations strictly control some special products, so we must pay attention to the special product attention when we take the goods, and whether it will generate relevant taxes, so that it can be more in the subsequent trade transactions. The ground is smooth.

The above is a good quality international freight forwarder to introduce some matters in the import and export contract. Then, if a contract involving a large amount can be asked to ask a third-party agency to check the credibility of the foreign company for itself, so that you can do your own thing and use the greatest efforts to reduce the possible risks arising from the trade. Choosing a formal international freight forwarder is essential.

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